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Feature Article

Family Games – Perfect for the Whole Family to Play

By Sarah North

Who said that family games need more than paper, pen and perhaps a set of dice? Here are two family games that are perfect for a winter’s evening by a nice warm fire, or played on a summer’s evening whilst camping in the country. So, grab your dice and get rolling!

Double dice

Number of player: 4-10
Time: 5-10 minutes per game
You will need: paper, pen, 2 dice

Players sit around a table, on which is placed a notepad and pen, plus 2 dice. The first player rolls the set of dice, and then passes it to the next player, moving around the circle until someone rolls a double one (i.e: a one is showing on both dice). When this happens, the person that rolled the double one grabs the paper and pen and writes their first name as many times as they can on the notepad.

Whilst they are doing this, the dice continues to be passed around the table, until someone rolls a double two (i.e: a two is showing on both dice).The player that rolls the double two grabs the notepad from the player that rolled the double one and now writes their first name on the notepad until a double three is rolled...continue writing your name until a double four is rolled, then a double five, and then a double six.

The game ends when a double six is rolled, and the person that rolled double six automatically gets 10 points. Now count up how many times each player got to write their name (if any at all!), giving one point per name written.

The person with the most number of points is the winner.

Roll and hide it!

Number of player: 4-10
Time: 5-10 minutes per game
You will need: paper, pen, a dice

Sit in a circle on the floor, or around a table. You will need a dice, plus a small prize for each person in the game (for example a chocolate bar, or fruit to be healthy, or a small toy), plus a timer (a watch is fine).

Put the prizes in the middle, and note the time on the watch, or set the timer. The game will be over after 5 minutes (you can vary the time, for example playing for ten minutes instead of five).

Player one rolls the dice – if he gets a one, two or three on the dice, he can take the same number of prizes. So, for example, if he rolls a two, he takes two of the prizes (he does not get to keep these prizes yet though!). He hides the prizes, under a pillow, in his lap, behind himself....and player two rolls the dice.

Each player gets to take a prize from the middle, but only if they roll a one, two or three on the dice, and they take the same number of prizes as the number showing on the dice they rolled. When there are no prizes left in the middle of the players (this might happen after a couple of rolls of the dice, depending on luck, and also how many players there are!), you are still entitled to the same number of prizes that the dice shows (i.e. if the dice says two, you can get two of the prizes), but you will have to ask other players for them now.

If you ask a player to give up one of their prizes they must give it to you; they have to say yes! If you ask someone to give you their prize but they don’t actually have one in their possession, then you lose that turn and don’t get anymore prizes until it’s your next go.

When five minutes is up, you get to keep the prizes that are in your possession. Of course, if you are nice, you will share the prizes out between the other players!

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Tue Jan 27 2015

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