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Easy Games Suitable For Family Reunions

By William U. Steinmetz

Holiday season is fast approaching and families are gearing up to prepare to take part in family reunions or organize one in their homes. Christmas is one special event where families like to schedule their family reunions because apart from the fact that children are on vacation, it is the best time of the year to hold the event because of the merriment and fun associated with this event.

What is family reunion?

It is one day set up every year so families can get together and can catch up. It is a special event, where children have the chance to know their aunts, grandmothers, uncles, cousins and other members of the family. Most often, family reunions are held during Christmas or Summer, where children are free from school.

With the busy schedules that families and children have, it is vital that everyone enjoys the event because seldom does this type of event happen. For organizers of this event, it is important to have games to avoid boredom and to give relatives time to bond and to get to know each other even more. Apart from venue, accommodation, food and entertainment, organizers should make sure to have games for adults and children.

If you are one of the organizers and you are still finding which suitable games to incorporate in the event, then consider the suggestions below.

Tri-Ominos - It is a type of game that entails concentration and attention. It is participated by up to 6 players where they can sit around and play the game together. This game is suitable for all ages because children and adults can take part to play the game and help children improve their number matching skills.

Passing the pigs - It is fun and exciting game that can be participated by 3 or 4 individuals. Instead of using dice, you use two cute little piglets.

Guessing who - It is a game played by different age group. In this game, each member is requested to send in a picture of themselves in younger years and those who receive the pictures will identify who is the person in the photograph. This game not only tests the ability of a person to remember and to recognize their relatives, but it will also bring memories of the older days.

Table story - it is one type of indoor parlor game where players will sit in a circle and one player will tell a story in two to three sentences only and each player will take turns keeping the story going. Most often, the story is usually finished after 2 to 3 rounds.

Broken telephone - It is a game participated by two teams comprising of up to 10 members. In this game, the organizer whispers a sentence or a phrase to the first player and he in return will whisper the message to other members of the team. The final member will whisper the message back to the organizer. The team who got the message right wins the game.

Actually, there are myriad games suitable for family reunions, it is just a matter of planning and choosing which games are feasible for the event.

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Wed Jan 28 2015

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